Welcome to Agbotic, where we understand that educated consumers are driving fundamental change in ag and food markets with a desire for food that is increasingly fresh, healthy, local, organic, sustainably-grown, transparently-produced, minimally-processed, and traceable. Unfortunately, most food production and supply chain processes fall far short of delivering food with these attributes.

In response, Agbotic is digitizing the ag and food vertical sector with a network of distributed, robotic farms that make the world’s best food with the world’s most healthy, and ecological processes. These operations deliver premium food to their buyers on the day of harvest, and in a manner that exceeds shifting consumer and supply chain demands.

We are creating farms that are leading product companies, customer service organizations, and corporate citizens in their market geographies. If you want to operate an Agbotic Farm or buy the world’s best food from one of the world’s most ecological farms, then please contact Agbotic today.

Advanced technology embedded into legacy farms for a better food model.