Welcome to the first Wholesome Organics farm in Sackets Harbor, NY where we believe in farming without industrial chemicals and synthetic nutrient solutions. So we avoid even those chemicals approved for organic farming. This is achieved with natural soil amendments to create healthy, living soil – diverse in nutrients, and rich with organic life. A healthy soil biome makes for healthier air, water, and soil. Food grown in a healthy soil biome makes for better tasting food and healthier humans.

Agbotic works with farms that deploy its solution to deliver food to restaurants and retail locations that serve discerning buyers. This chemical-free, fresh food is private-labeled by leading retailers or sold under the Wholesome Organics brand label. Our farms are certified organic, GAP, and GHP or undergoing those certification processes.

Given the choice, people choose chemical-free food, grown in healthy soil, delivered to its point of sale on the same day of harvest. Real food grows in soil and sunshine and is enjoyed fresh.

Chemical free food from chemical free farms makes for healthier people and a healthier planet.