The ag and food sector is undergoing vertical digitization. The way we farm, process, and move food will soon be a part of the Internet of Everything (IoE) – from wireless soil sensors, to robotic harvests, and GPS-tracked delivery trucks. Agbotic is a thought leader and first mover in agricultural robotics coupled with high-resolution data analytics:

  • Deploying low-cost machines that replace expensive nutrient solutions and harmful chemicals,
  • Integrating advanced environmental controls and automation in soil greenhouses,
  • Increasing food quality and freshness for vegetables, herbs, and greens,
  • Reducing food production prices while optimizing the use of natural resources,
  • Employing knowledge workers in agriculture at a living wage,
  • Integrating market-based and data-driven processes deeply into supply chains to expand service and enhance revenue through;
  • production benchmarking and optimization
  • web-ordered, bespoke plantings
  • production transparency and traceability
  • fresh food delivery to our customers within 24 hours of highly scheduled harvests
  • wholesale and retail customer interactions via web, automated, mobile, and branded connections
  • extracting value from data as the Company digitizes processes and transactions from seed to plate

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