The Agbotic team is highly dedicated to helping make the world’s best food on the world’s most ecological farms. If you would like to contact Agbotic, email us at or reach out directly one of the contacts below.

  • Gaus
    Co-Founder CEO

    Serial Entrepreneur; Computer, Electrical and Process Engineer; Inventor; Organic Farmer; Experienced in International Business in Americas, Europe, Asia.

  • Richardson
    VP Sales and Operations

    Food Industry
    Entrepreneur; Built Local
    Grain Mill to Make and Sell
    Premium Flour from UpState
    NY to Manhattan
    Artisan Bakeries, Successful
    in Sales and Operations;
    Strong New York City and
    NYS Food Network.

  • Morse
    Robot Technician

    Organic Farmer;
    Skilled Technician; prior to
    joining the Company, a U.S.
    Marine with Three Combat
    Tours over Five Years of
    Honorable Service.

  • Brennan
    Marketing and Government Communications

    Former Dairy Farmer,
    Former NYS Commissioner
    of Ag & Markets under
    George Pataki, Former
    NYS Director of USDA
    appointed by George
    Bush; Strong networks in
    agriculture in US.

  • Dr. Leveson
    Business Advisor

    Unique Intellect and
    Prolific Inventor,
    Advanced Skills in
    Chemistry, Biology, Heat
    Transfer, and Chemical
    Process Intensification;
    Co-Founder of Multiple

  • Witteveen
    Business Advisor

    International Investor
    and Operator Focused
    in Sustainable Ventures.
    Founding Member of
    the Circle Economy in
    Amsterdam, NL.